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According to the Mainichi daily news, a man who attacked by a truck and set fire to pachinko parlor receive a sentence of a nine-year prison.  According to the chief justice, the defendant endangered many people life with selfish cause. Therefore, I can not admit the extenuating circumstances.  I really want to show the happy news about pachinko parlor in next week.

Campaigned to stop leaving the baby in the car


According to the Mainichi daily news, campaigned to stop leaving the baby in the car was held under the auspices of the Akita police because of the incident that the mother of an 11-month-old infant who died after she left the baby boy in her car while she went to play pachinko.  The experiment to check the temperature in the car showed the participant the temperature in the car rising 41 degree in just 2 hours.  Akita police told that this incident was not only the problem for the pachinko player.  All people who has baby have to know the fact.

According to the Mainichi daily news, with smartphone sales growing slowly but steadily, NTT Docomo is going up against current champ SoftBank, with the nation's first smartphone powered by Google's Android.  In fiscal 2008, smartphones accounted for some 5 percent of the domestic cell phone market, but this is set to double over the next 2-3 years. Now, however, Docomo's HT-03A, released in July, is facing off against the Apple iPhone 3GS, which came out in June. Both are large touchscreen-based phones, but how do they differ?  The iPhone 3GS, the current reigning champ, boasts a 3.5-inch touchscreen, with a smooth, responsive user interface. Rounding out the package is the world-famous iPod media player.  The newer contender, the HT-03A, is a tad smaller with a 3.2-inch screen. However, in addition to the touch interface it also comes with a trackball and several buttons, putting Google's Search and Maps applications a single click away.  On top of that, when accessing Google's Street View, the onboard compass allows users to change the view just by moving the handset in the desired direction. Furthermore, while Android has just a tenth of the software available, developers are likely to catch up in a short time thanks to the open source nature of the platform.  However, when pitted against regular cell phones, some might find their basic features lacking. Both have on-board cameras, but these lag behind those on other phones, at just 3 megapixels for the iPhone 3GS and 3.2 megapixels for the HT-03A.

According to the Mainichi daily news, a cash delivery van carrying about 78 million yen was stolen by its driver Wednesday afternoon, and later abandoned with the money missing, police said.  At around 12:40 p.m., police received an emergency call from Chikuho Bank reporting that one of its cash delivery vans had been stolen on a street in Tachiarai.  The vehicle was found abandoned in the parking lot of a nearby pachinko parlor about an hour later. Four duralumin cases that contained a total of about 78 million yen in cash were pried open and the money was missing.  Two employees of a subsidiary of the bank were aboard the vehicle. The driver apparently asked his colleague to examine the vehicle, claiming it had developed trouble. After the colleague got out of the van, the driver sped off. Police are searching for the driver.

According to the Mainichi daily news, the mother of an 11-month-old infant who died after she left the baby boy in her car while she went to play pachinko was arrested Friday.  Police arrested 31-year-old housewife Junko Hori on suspicion of abandonment by a person responsible for protection causing death, after leaving her son Ryusei in her car outside the pachinko parlor for around three hours starting from just past 10 a.m. Thursday. Ryusei is thought to have died of dehydration. According to the Akita Local Meteorological Observatory, the weather in the area Wednesday was cloudy with sunny periods, with a high temperature of 29.3 degrees Celsius.  When such a sad accident never happened?  It is very difficult to find such a baby left in the car because there are so many cars shield their window to hide.  I really hope that pachinko parlor society cooperate to find the way to protect the baby life.

According to the Mainichi Daily News, fire station inspected 164 pachinko parlors, then 50% of the parlors violated the law in Yamaguchi.  This inspection was proceeded because of the incident that pachinko parlor in Osaka was set fire to last month.  The disaster prevention administration of prefecture, they are going to guide the parlors in order to improve their consciousness of disaster prevention.  

According to the Mainichi Daily News, the new pachinko parlor is under construction in Katano city, Osaka where used to stop to open new parlor with their own city regulation against to open new pachinko parlor.  The parlor insists that they have the authority to manage the pachinko parlor by the prefecture regulation which is much easier than the city one.  The sentence of the Supreme Court in 2002, which is similar to this case, supports the parlors claim.  Therefore, Japanese government has to maintain the law in order to solve such a problem between a city and a parlor.

According to the monthly magazine, "The Monthly Greenbelt", Zennichiyuren announced that the number of closing a pachinko parlor on May and June is increasing.  The total number of Zennichiyuren member is 11,787.  The other hand, below is the number of machines.


              May  2,883,537 (5,735 machines increasing compared with last month)

              June  2,883,777(  240             〃                      )

Slot Machine

              May  1,318,533(7,283 machines decreasing compared with last month)

              June  1,309,778(8,775             〃                    )


According to the Mainichi Daily News, A fierce debate is currently taking place over child allowance. As one of the pledges the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) has made in its election manifesto, the ruling coalition is putting all its effort into criticisms of the DPJ's failure to identify a concrete source of funding for it. For both sides the bottom line is money, but that's hardly a satisfying point of contention. When we're talking about the future of the country and those who will guide us through it, are the current discussions sufficient?  It's not that I believe the sensibilities of today's politicians are obsolete. With a possible regime change contingent upon the outcome of the upcoming House of Representatives election, the two sides have been pushed into mutual mudslinging, leaving their battle in a stalemate.  The child allowance at the center of the controversy is the DPJ's plan to provide families with children 26,000 yen per month per child until they graduate from junior high school. There is no income limit according to the proposal, which means all children will receive the allowance.  A look at the existing childcare allowance is all one needs to understand how generous the proposed amount is. Currently, children are eligible for childcare allowance only through elementary school. Families receive 5,000 yen per month for their first and second children, and 10,000 per month for their third child onwards. The rules changed two years ago to provide 10,000 yen per month to all children under 3 years of age. The benefits are all income-tested.  Funding for the current childcare allowance is split between the national and local governments and private corporations and amounts to 1 trillion yen per year, of which 270 billion yen comes from the national government. The national government's share of the child allowance proposed by the DPJ is expected to be 5.3 trillion yen.  The childcare allowance was first set up in 1972 by an LDP government, and has been expanded under the leadership of Komeito since the establishment of the coalition government. During this time, it was the DPJ that objected to law revisions four times. As a result, to Komeito, the DPJ's sudden devotion to a new child allowance appears a little late in coming.  I wouldn't say that the DPJ's child allowance proposal is a mere campaign strategy, but I'd be lying if I said I thought there is no self-interest at work. Initially the DPJ had proposed to offer 16,000 yen per month for each child. But then, Ichiro Ozawa, the "master of elections," raised the amount to 26,000 yen.  It is a handout in the sense that the money will be distributed evenly to families with children, but it is in no way a meaningless policy. According to a 2005 study of the country's reproductive trends by the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research in 2005, the top reason married couples cited for not having children was the "high cost of child-rearing and education," at 66 percent among couples in general and 84 percent among couples in their late 20s.  Some say that to combat the declining birthrate, it is more important to improve childcare services and facilities than simply to hand out cash. Meanwhile, there are others who argue that any proposal that does not integrate the issues of employment, education, and social security into a comprehensive policy is meaningless. Still others wonder whether measures against the declining birthrate are even necessary.  The reason the ruling coalition and the DPJ are not addressing these wide-ranging issues and angles, and are instead framing their policies in terms of the national budget and the pros and cons of each plan on the public's family finances is all too clear. The DPJ wants to take over the government by promising to reduce everyday expenses, while the ruling coalition wants to protect its place in government by stabbing at the DPJ's shaky funding plans. The pocketbooks of both the nation and the general public have become the focal point of the general election.  Nara period poet and politician Yamanoue no Okura wrote in a famous poem that "neither silver nor gold nor jewels" can "compare with the treasure of a child." In order to discuss the issue of children in a way that goes beyond the gains and losses for parents, it is necessary to first hold the shared feeling that children are gifts to society as a whole.


According to the Mainichi Daily News, Police raided an investment firm and other locations here on Monday on suspicion of unauthorized foreign exchange trading.  The firm, Sapporo-based investment company Allin Co. Ltd., allegedly raised vast funds in violation of the Financial Products Transaction Law, by promoting foreign exchange trading as way of fund management without the approval of the Financial Services Agency.  Allin started recruiting new investors in 2007, offering a monthly dividend of 20 percent as well as large profits using the company's foreign exchange trading software, an insider said. The company reportedly explained to its members that it had gathered some 10 billion yen from about 20,000 investors all over Japan, and that the software would automatically trade investors' money upon completion of bank transfers to the company's account.  The company, however, has suspended dividends since around last autumn, and has not responded to members' claims for refunds. Some members have already taken civil action against the company.

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